Politics and Us

I like to refer to the situation as We and Them sometimes, and what I mean by that is We and the Politicians. We like to blame them all the time when things go wrong in our societies, when in actual fact we made that choice and the hand-writing is always boldly written on the wall. Sometimes of course, we hold expectations that are too high, forgetting that these guys are just human like us too – given similar situations with positions reversed, we’ll probably be worse.

We should be wary of a politician promising to do better than the incumbent. The truth is he may actually be better, but it’s always a probability thing. Another truth we need to know is that, for the most part, these guys always try to satisfy us, but the society is very complex. My long and short story is that we should endeavor to do our part in the society too and not leave all to the politicians; they are just one piece of the puzzle.


About MoneyMan

Very liberal, but hold mild conservative views about certain issues.

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