A Genuine Appeal to RIM

It’s no news that there have been discussions and calls for more Apps for RIM‘s ecosystem.  Why does someone need 600,000 apps?  Don’t get me wrong, if there are that many apps available, so be it – my issue with apps count is that majority of the 600k apps will be repetitive and for all I care, a good percentage of them may be junks!
In my humble opinion, I think RIM is still being punished on its PlayBook sales because the very important and popular apps are still missing.  Even on my part, while playing around with a friend’s iPad, I couldn’t help feeling that I was missing something important that a tablet should be able to do – I saw apps like Skype, Rebtel, Magijack and Netflix at work on the iPad; and I thought to myself that something is wrong somewhere.  By no chance did I feel that I wanted the hardware that iPad stood for.  Let me be clear here; if RIM is able rally around developers and exceed the 600k mark that Apple has set, they will most likely still not get the desired sales – not until they bring in the popular ones that majority use. So, RIM, I’m appealing that you perfect the current experience by paying to have these apps developed for the platform. You can easily tell that I’m a big fan!
Bring on the above-mentioned apps and other popular ones and prove me wrong if sales of the PlayBook does not skyrocket – it’s already a great product, but make it more appealing please! As I love to say: RIM’s destiny is in RIM’s hands.

About MoneyMan

Very liberal, but hold mild conservative views about certain issues.

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