Monthly Archives: October 2012

Republicans Turning Libya into Benghazi-Gate

The Republicans are actually drawing some remarkable attention about Benghazi. This could become a make or break issue for either candidate come November 6. It’s not a coincidence that the GOP has ramped up their criticism of Obama’s handling of the attack in the last few days to set a stage for Romney in the upcoming Presidential Debate. This looks to be a good area for Romney to exploit during the debate, but Obama will need to be extra-creative to fend off this onslaught. I trust the Obama campaign knows the challenge this creates and the potentially damaging effect it could have on Obama’s reelection. I can only hope that the Democrats will be able to make ineffective the onslaught of the Romney campaign.


The Predicament of an African-American President

It’s no longer news that President Obama was considered the loser in the first Presidential debate.  Several reasons have been sighted for his below-expectation performance and they include “not himself”, “too soft on Romney”, “not forceful” and so on and so forth.  Fast-forward to the second debate where he tried to incorporate all those things that were missing out during the first one and lo and behold, the story was different; he obviously performed better, but has been called “angry”, “aggressive”, “edgy” and all sorts of other names. The interesting thing here is that the Republicans have obviously tried to use Obama’s strength to paint him as being weak.  I really enjoy following all these political tactics adopted by both parties, but I can’t come to terms with the callousness of certain policies the Republican party have hung unto for the longest time and it annoys me that there is no willingness on their part to at least modify this to at least make it a fun party.  I don’t know what it will take to effect a turnaround – maybe another loss!

Obama and the Super-Powers

It seems President Obama may have mis-calculated or under-estimated the effectiveness of the Republican superpowers.  How else can you imagine that CEOs will threaten their staff to vote for Romney or face the consequence if Barack Obama gets re-elected – what a shame!

It’s amazing that Romney can sow that seed and encourage his allies to run with it.  I pity those helpless employees who for obvious reasons won’t want to throw caution to the wind to experiment what another four years of Obama presidency would look like – they are simply doing this to keep their jobs and who would blame them, given the threats?  What’s hard to believe is how and why this could happen in America.  No, it is very legal, but disgusting.  Romney should be very ashamed for even uttering something this controversial.

I hope voters will proceed with caution and not allow themselves to be suppressed in expressing their preference.