Obama and the Super-Powers

It seems President Obama may have mis-calculated or under-estimated the effectiveness of the Republican superpowers.  How else can you imagine that CEOs will threaten their staff to vote for Romney or face the consequence if Barack Obama gets re-elected – what a shame!

It’s amazing that Romney can sow that seed and encourage his allies to run with it.  I pity those helpless employees who for obvious reasons won’t want to throw caution to the wind to experiment what another four years of Obama presidency would look like – they are simply doing this to keep their jobs and who would blame them, given the threats?  What’s hard to believe is how and why this could happen in America.  No, it is very legal, but disgusting.  Romney should be very ashamed for even uttering something this controversial.

I hope voters will proceed with caution and not allow themselves to be suppressed in expressing their preference.


About MoneyMan

Very liberal, but hold mild conservative views about certain issues.

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