Wonderful Gift of Presidential Lunch for Romney

Obama maintains his Commander-in-Chief calmness as usual. Inviting an undeserving Romney to the White House was very gracious on Obama’s part, after all the outrageous insults from Romney during the campaign season. It’s probably Romnney’s luckiest day; afterall, he gets to go on a free tour/excursion of the White House and see the Presidential desk, staff, office, Rose Garden, Lincoln room e.t.c. and finally have the butler show him his room in the WH Boys’ Quarter (in case he plans to stay the night).

More importantly, he will get to enjoy being one of the 47% group that he spitefully condemned during his campaign fundraiser; afterall, he was fed with Presidential Lunch too and it gets paid for by the taxpayers!

I say this all the time about Romney; it’s very scary to imagine that he could have ended up in the White House, even though, I can still sleep easy with just a lunch visit or even an overnight visit. This piece is going to be the last negative article I will write about Mitt Romney unless he says something that compels me to voice out again. Mitt Romney appears to be a gentlemen, but has had difficulty establishing for himself what he is about. God will help him!

Long Live the King and Long Live Obama for America!

Money Man


About MoneyMan

Very liberal, but hold mild conservative views about certain issues.

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