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RIM Productivity Apps – Focus on Docs To Go/Evernote

I write this as a RIM lover! They have their goods and bads; strengths and weaknesses; and this notion applies to everything on earth! Currently, RIM has a very bad weakness in apps for its platform.

I own a BlackBerry PlayBook and I’ve pretty much turned it into a personal computer – I do almost everything on it, but a lot of times I’m forced to circumvent around certain weaknesses, because majority of those apps are not made equal with similar ones on other platforms. I recently started sideloading apps onto my PlayBook just out of curiousty to see what theh can do and I’ve noticed that a huge difference exists between apps on BlackBerry and those on Android. Evernote is one good example. Docs To Go has been a great companion until I discovered Kingsoft Office; if you’ve used the PlayBook’s native Docs To Go, you will know that it’s a complete crap, and one that RIM should not tout as a productivity app. I can somehow reason that the third party apps’ capabilities depend largely on the author’s preference, but what about a native app like the Docs To Go? You only need to give Kingsoft Office a try to realise how RIM is creating a problem for itself by associating its platform with productivity. I don’t buy that claim if I cannot perform a simple task of inserting a row or column in an Excel file.

Consumers hardly give second chances for a fundamental flaw of this nature and I’m one of those still rooting for this company to succeed because they are more than capable, but aee failing to reach their full potential. Hopefully, BB10 will help address most of these problems. RIM still has a long way to go with regards to apps and functionality; or else they will be feeding their lunch to Android. As I said previously, sideload the Kingsoft Office and open it side-by-side with the mediocre PlayBook’s native Docs To Go; then you will know why I feel some important apps on BlackBerry are below par. Remember that they need to be above par to be able to succeed in the highly competitive mobile device marketplace. They need to do extraordinary things to dig themselves out from the hole they are in and I hope they already know the issues that users/consumers have and are working towards fixing them in the upcoming BB10 platform. I continue to be a BB fan by choice and I wish them success!

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Wonderful Gift of Presidential Lunch for Romney

Obama maintains his Commander-in-Chief calmness as usual. Inviting an undeserving Romney to the White House was very gracious on Obama’s part, after all the outrageous insults from Romney during the campaign season. It’s probably Romnney’s luckiest day; afterall, he gets to go on a free tour/excursion of the White House and see the Presidential desk, staff, office, Rose Garden, Lincoln room e.t.c. and finally have the butler show him his room in the WH Boys’ Quarter (in case he plans to stay the night).

More importantly, he will get to enjoy being one of the 47% group that he spitefully condemned during his campaign fundraiser; afterall, he was fed with Presidential Lunch too and it gets paid for by the taxpayers!

I say this all the time about Romney; it’s very scary to imagine that he could have ended up in the White House, even though, I can still sleep easy with just a lunch visit or even an overnight visit. This piece is going to be the last negative article I will write about Mitt Romney unless he says something that compels me to voice out again. Mitt Romney appears to be a gentlemen, but has had difficulty establishing for himself what he is about. God will help him!

Long Live the King and Long Live Obama for America!

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Republicans Turning Libya into Benghazi-Gate

The Republicans are actually drawing some remarkable attention about Benghazi. This could become a make or break issue for either candidate come November 6. It’s not a coincidence that the GOP has ramped up their criticism of Obama’s handling of the attack in the last few days to set a stage for Romney in the upcoming Presidential Debate. This looks to be a good area for Romney to exploit during the debate, but Obama will need to be extra-creative to fend off this onslaught. I trust the Obama campaign knows the challenge this creates and the potentially damaging effect it could have on Obama’s reelection. I can only hope that the Democrats will be able to make ineffective the onslaught of the Romney campaign.