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RIM Productivity Apps – Focus on Docs To Go/Evernote

I write this as a RIM lover! They have their goods and bads; strengths and weaknesses; and this notion applies to everything on earth! Currently, RIM has a very bad weakness in apps for its platform.

I own a BlackBerry PlayBook and I’ve pretty much turned it into a personal computer – I do almost everything on it, but a lot of times I’m forced to circumvent around certain weaknesses, because majority of those apps are not made equal with similar ones on other platforms. I recently started sideloading apps onto my PlayBook just out of curiousty to see what theh can do and I’ve noticed that a huge difference exists between apps on BlackBerry and those on Android. Evernote is one good example. Docs To Go has been a great companion until I discovered Kingsoft Office; if you’ve used the PlayBook’s native Docs To Go, you will know that it’s a complete crap, and one that RIM should not tout as a productivity app. I can somehow reason that the third party apps’ capabilities depend largely on the author’s preference, but what about a native app like the Docs To Go? You only need to give Kingsoft Office a try to realise how RIM is creating a problem for itself by associating its platform with productivity. I don’t buy that claim if I cannot perform a simple task of inserting a row or column in an Excel file.

Consumers hardly give second chances for a fundamental flaw of this nature and I’m one of those still rooting for this company to succeed because they are more than capable, but aee failing to reach their full potential. Hopefully, BB10 will help address most of these problems. RIM still has a long way to go with regards to apps and functionality; or else they will be feeding their lunch to Android. As I said previously, sideload the Kingsoft Office and open it side-by-side with the mediocre PlayBook’s native Docs To Go; then you will know why I feel some important apps on BlackBerry are below par. Remember that they need to be above par to be able to succeed in the highly competitive mobile device marketplace. They need to do extraordinary things to dig themselves out from the hole they are in and I hope they already know the issues that users/consumers have and are working towards fixing them in the upcoming BB10 platform. I continue to be a BB fan by choice and I wish them success!

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RIM’s Roller-coaster

For starters, Research In Motion is in this smartphone battle to win it. While some analysts just simply cluessly regurgitate what they read or hear from equally clueless analysts without investing sometime to at least research them; other big time analysts/hedge fund managers have a huge vested interest in RIM’s downfall. They are either already betting or planning to bet against the stock prices positive movement. This can be a huge bet and the only way to get it right is to engage in some manipulative analysis of the market/business performance. Unfortunately, RIM has become a good moving target for these guys, because its situation perfectly fits into their bill.

Misek is just one of many folks that take part in deliberately redefining what the stock market is; that is, from a true market that was driven by genuine market fundamentals (as we used to know it in those days) into a market defined by artificial forces orchestrated by a group of well coordinated financial syndicate, with the sole intent of driving the market where they want it. Essentially, ordinary investors become gamblers by innocently taking part in this stock market – meaning you could win big, if you’re lucky or lose everything if you play into their hands. Mr. Misek knows too well how this works and he knows the full impact of comments made by him. Mr. Misek is also not the only one doing this, it is a systemic problem.

In the midst of all these overwhelming negativity, I silently hope that RIM pulls this off with the launch of BB10. I’m very certain that the sentiment would be reversed and all these guys will be forced to eat their words. Most importantly, be cautious out there and take research notes/analysis with a grain of salt. To put it simply; they don’t have any clue, they just go with the flow. Hopefully, the BB10 flow will drag them along.

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A Genuine Appeal to RIM

It’s no news that there have been discussions and calls for more Apps for RIM‘s ecosystem.  Why does someone need 600,000 apps?  Don’t get me wrong, if there are that many apps available, so be it – my issue with apps count is that majority of the 600k apps will be repetitive and for all I care, a good percentage of them may be junks!
In my humble opinion, I think RIM is still being punished on its PlayBook sales because the very important and popular apps are still missing.  Even on my part, while playing around with a friend’s iPad, I couldn’t help feeling that I was missing something important that a tablet should be able to do – I saw apps like Skype, Rebtel, Magijack and Netflix at work on the iPad; and I thought to myself that something is wrong somewhere.  By no chance did I feel that I wanted the hardware that iPad stood for.  Let me be clear here; if RIM is able rally around developers and exceed the 600k mark that Apple has set, they will most likely still not get the desired sales – not until they bring in the popular ones that majority use. So, RIM, I’m appealing that you perfect the current experience by paying to have these apps developed for the platform. You can easily tell that I’m a big fan!
Bring on the above-mentioned apps and other popular ones and prove me wrong if sales of the PlayBook does not skyrocket – it’s already a great product, but make it more appealing please! As I love to say: RIM’s destiny is in RIM’s hands.

So, What Exactly Went wrong with RIM?

This question has been on my mind and I’m yet to find a reasonable answer. Let’s forget the Apps deficiency for once and talk about what their PlayBook tablet can really that other more popular tablets out there cannot do. I really don’t get it. But of course, I’m able to see the strong sentiment against anything RIM stands for. What do they need to do to get back into the game?

I’m sure this is not just going to be about launching BB10 or great products; if those so-called negative analysts are able to convince consumers that RIM’s products are dead on arrival, people easily latch on that. A lot of times I rely on reviews to purchase certain products, and that’s just the power held by our so-called analysts.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem in highlighting mis-steps (of which RIM has many to his credits); it’s absolutely important to also note those things they’ve done extremely well.

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