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RIM’s Roller-coaster

For starters, Research In Motion is in this smartphone battle to win it. While some analysts just simply cluessly regurgitate what they read or hear from equally clueless analysts without investing sometime to at least research them; other big time analysts/hedge fund managers have a huge vested interest in RIM’s downfall. They are either already betting or planning to bet against the stock prices positive movement. This can be a huge bet and the only way to get it right is to engage in some manipulative analysis of the market/business performance. Unfortunately, RIM has become a good moving target for these guys, because its situation perfectly fits into their bill.

Misek is just one of many folks that take part in deliberately redefining what the stock market is; that is, from a true market that was driven by genuine market fundamentals (as we used to know it in those days) into a market defined by artificial forces orchestrated by a group of well coordinated financial syndicate, with the sole intent of driving the market where they want it. Essentially, ordinary investors become gamblers by innocently taking part in this stock market – meaning you could win big, if you’re lucky or lose everything if you play into their hands. Mr. Misek knows too well how this works and he knows the full impact of comments made by him. Mr. Misek is also not the only one doing this, it is a systemic problem.

In the midst of all these overwhelming negativity, I silently hope that RIM pulls this off with the launch of BB10. I’m very certain that the sentiment would be reversed and all these guys will be forced to eat their words. Most importantly, be cautious out there and take research notes/analysis with a grain of salt. To put it simply; they don’t have any clue, they just go with the flow. Hopefully, the BB10 flow will drag them along.

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So, What Exactly Went wrong with RIM?

This question has been on my mind and I’m yet to find a reasonable answer. Let’s forget the Apps deficiency for once and talk about what their PlayBook tablet can really that other more popular tablets out there cannot do. I really don’t get it. But of course, I’m able to see the strong sentiment against anything RIM stands for. What do they need to do to get back into the game?

I’m sure this is not just going to be about launching BB10 or great products; if those so-called negative analysts are able to convince consumers that RIM’s products are dead on arrival, people easily latch on that. A lot of times I rely on reviews to purchase certain products, and that’s just the power held by our so-called analysts.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem in highlighting mis-steps (of which RIM has many to his credits); it’s absolutely important to also note those things they’ve done extremely well.

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