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The Real Romney

Mitt Romney put up a performance I never expected.  He lost big, sure, but he still picked up 206 Electoral College votes and garnered in excess of 59 million popular votes (still counting as of the time of writing this). I consider that respectable, considering that this guy had many ridiculous missteps during the primaries and general election seasons. Personally, I expected the electorates to be unforgiving to most of those missteps, simply because I see them as being fundamental definitions of what Romney is about. But of course, I respect that people moved on and still voted for him in that magnitude.

Romney is a guy you would normally want to like, but he makes it almost impossible. This guy changes his stance almost everytime he blinks, which is ridiculous, considering he was judged the winner of the first debate based on this pretext. Throughout the debate, I religiously followed the polls and I look at Romney and what he stood for, but I didn’t get it. How come the polls were so close, given that this guy almost knew anything about running a country? He was notorious for opening his mouth and just uttering whatever came out of it, with little or no thinking. Most recently, he had the gut to blame his loss on Obama’s “gift” to minorities, really? How could he say such a thing for God’s sake? Has he totally lost his mind? It’s so scary to think Americans could have voted for this thing in a heartbeat.  He fails to talk about how he influenced his CEO friends to threaten employees who don’t vote for him and he used this to somehow reinforce his 47% claim. I sometimes joke to my wife that Romney is just as clueless as Palin, but he maintains a slight upper hand. He sure owes the minorities a public apology!

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